Recap of the Best Show Ever

by Swingset Showdown on 2012/12/24

On December 15th, 2012, we released our debut album, Short Bus Ruckus. The show was a huge success. If you were there, you’re probably still struggling to describe it to your friends and family during this holiday time. If you were not there, I, Isaac Rivelle, will take you through the story as if it is a maritime legend.

After fantastic performances by Roaming Herds of Buffalo and The Hoot Hoots, we set up our gear and started the show with Station Wagon. Nothing special, until we sounded our war cries, ripped off our shirts to reveal our painted chests, and threw on our warrior headbands.

Then we took off into a series of high energy songs that climaxed with me getting an adrenaline nose bleed during the Oscar Theme. It might have been the pizza man using his scanner powers on me. Rather than call it quits, I asked one of the volunteers to grab me a paper towel, shoved it up my nose, and continued on to the drinking song with a megaphone. It wasn’t my sexiest moment, but pretty punk, if I do say so myself. It might have been the highlight of the show, but bigger surprises awaited.

The set progressed to the point where we were ready to thank our Kickstarter backers. After all, thanks to them, we were able to put out this album. So we sang John Salvatier’s song, then called Roxanne up on to the stage. For those of you that don’t know, Roxanne is Oscar‘s wife. She was a very significant backer to our album, and she was also significantly pregnant. As she made her way up to the stage to receive her cymbal of appreciation and song, her water broke. She whispered this to Eric, who exclaimed, “Holy Shit!” We rushed to get through the song, and she was rushed to the hospital where Susan, the most metal baby in the world, was born.

Later, Oscar and Roxanne said that since the band was such a significant part of the baby’s history, we should get a title like God-band, or Funkle attached to our name. That way, if Oscar and Roxanne and Susan’s godparents all run off, she will be adopted by the band, and be forced into life as a roadie, until she turns 18. I kind of like the term, “Grand-band.”

Anyway, after all that insane luck and fortune, Godzilla came out and smashed Tokyo…again…despite Mothra’s attempts to stop him.

We closed out the show with all of our volunteers on stage, a blast of confetti, and a rousing sing along of “We are the Champions,” by Queen.

This was probably the best show we ever put on, despite it being one of the shortest sets we played. I mean, a lot of stuff happened between songs, so we only played a fraction of our total repertoire. If it wasn’t enough for you, you can download and stream the album in its entirety on Bandcamp, or buy a physical copy from us. We’re still trying to find a way to set up online sales.

Rock on to our fans, fuck off to Godzilla, welcome Susan, and congratulations to Oscar and Roxanne!

Most photos in this post were taken by Kaila Randall.

See more photos on our Facebook Page.


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