Upcoming Tour and Catching Up

by Swingset Showdown on 2013/04/12

It’s been a while since we posted about what’s going on in Swingset Showdown land. Since our album was unleashed on the world, we took a bit of a break. It was exhausting to produce such a quality… thing. We still have some stuff to pay back to our Kickstarter backers, and we apologize for the delays. We haven’t forgotten about you lovely people.

As for the future, it looks bright. We are currently booking a West-Coast tour for this Summer. It’s been great getting feedback from all of the different bands and venues we have contacted, many of whom have never heard of us. But, that’s the point, right? Bring this weirdness to new audiences! We have a couple of dates booked, and you can see them up in our new-ish “Shows” tab up above. We won’t be posting big updates about upcoming tour dates until the tour looks a bit more full, but you can count on that tab being the most up-to-date show schedule resource. We will be playing only one show per month in Seattle until the tour happens. Portland will also be getting some love before then.

All that business aside, here’s a video of us playing at The White Rabbit earlier this year. Check out the costumes! Thanks to TBASA for taking this video.

There are several new songs in the pipes, so catch us at one of our upcoming shows to hear it. You can always find info about the latest upcoming show by clicking on the poster in the upper left hand corner of this page, or clicking on the “shows” tab.

Until next time!

-Swingset Showdown

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