About Swingset Showdown

Swingset Showdown as Calvin and Hobbes

Swingset Showdown is a band that was started by Eric and Ike, and is based out of Seattle, Washington.  We have been making music since March of 2010, and play upbeat and energetic songs that will turn any crowd into a raging party.  We emphasize having a good time and have been known to dress up for various shows.  You can check out our show schedule on the left of this page, and give some of our songs a listen on the right.  Also, don’t be afraid to like us on our facebook page to stay up to date with the most current news.

Ike as Animal on Halloween 2011

Ike has been playing drums since he was 15 years old and has played in pretty close to a bazillion bands.  He draws inspiration from lots of sources and genres and tends not to take things very seriously.  This can sometimes cause frustration for his band mates, but is a valuable asset in a music scene that he believes is saturated with angst and over-seriousness.  His favorite drummer is Billy Cobham of the Mahavishnu Orchestra.  He also has his own website, Seattleaudiophile.com.

Eric as Calvin, July 2011

Eric has been playing piano on and off since age six, though more consistently since age 20, when he discovered Ben Folds, who quickly became the biggest influence on Eric’s piano playing. Lyrically, Eric draws inspiration from human interaction and emotion, and enjoys songs with a narrative. When not playing piano, he can be found eating ice cream. Or cookies. He doesn’t have his own website, but if he did, it would be www.ericisbetterthanike.com.

Jason, the Bassist

Jason was once a star soloist in a district-wide R&B choral production, as well as a trained classical pianist. Then he turned 8 years old. The long years spent out of the spotlight were not in vain, however. He resurfaced at the ripe young age of 17 holding a guitar, with dreams of being a rock star once again burning in his heart, and has since played guitar, bass and drums for various bands. Jason takes influence from a multitude of artists, but especially appreciates bands who show a strong sense of balance and chemistry, rather than spotlight the skills of individual performers. One of his current favorite bands is Deerhoof. And, if you must ask, that bass he is holding is definitely not because of Paul McCartney.