“Even their sweetest melodies are infected with an eeriness that offsets the sugar. Off-kilter rhythms and tempo shifts serve as obstacles to keep the listener from passively absorbing the music. Swingset Showdown wants you to be an active participant… it’s hard not to get caught up in their ridiculous energy.”

Adam McKinney-

“High energy piano punk…driven by the frenetic interplay between confident key-smashing…and spastic drumming.”

 – Seattle Weekly

“I love the childish aggression of it… And they sound like the goofy kid brothers of Curtains for You!

Square Pig in a Round Hole

“Its like They Might Be Giants and The Dead Milkmen went to a NoMeansNo seminar on rhythm sections, then took a drug called Frank Zappa and fell in love with monster movies.”

Rory O.K. And The Worst Band Ever

“…[T]hey find a way to indulge their sense of humor without forsaking the hooks in their songs….it reminds me of what The Ramones would sound like if they laughed at more fart jokes…”

Chris Burlingame, Another Rainy Saturday

“Swingset Showdown puts on an out of control and energizing show that will keep you watching your calendar for their next show. Props, costumes, bombastic music, and a wild stage presence… they are exactly what a rock band is supposed to be.”

Chris Prairie, of The Hoot Hoots

“They create incredibly infectious hooks that worm their way into your brain to the point that you find yourself singing “I drew a mustache on her face” despite the weird looks that follow. They add a dash of funny to their sound but it’s never gimmicky – the boys have obvious technical talent that comes through in the complexity of their songs and the way they play live. Exciting, visual, invigorating, addictive, catchy beyond belief – all these qualities wrapped up in a papier mache Godzilla head make Swingset Showdown one of the best live bands in Seattle.”

– Chandra Farnsworth, of The Fabulous Downey Brothers

“Check’em out – you won’t be sorry and you’ll laugh yer ass off at the show! Just make sure to have a beer ready for the pirate drinking song – it’s mandatory!”


Swingset Showdown – Defying the Gravity of Sameness

by Stevie P of Nigel Mustafa

Having gigged in the Puget Sound for a decade and half, I’ve seen a veritable megaton of bands.

My band, Nigel Mustafa, has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with road-worn national acts as well as upstart groups as tender as newly sprouted baby carrots. The sounds that seep into the green room rarely draw me stageside with the exception of a few standouts. Why? Because the vast majority of bands (who don’t also have Nickelodeon tv series) go all-in in one of two pathways on the trail to success. They either focus their energies on being entertaining at the expense of being excellent musicians or they do the inverse of that.

Not so with Swingset Showdown.

This is a band that I had to check out from the first few moments I heard them play when they opened for us. They wowed me with their aptitude, their show was a hilarious spectacle and their songs stuck in my head for days.

I also like bands who aren’t masking their concern with commercial success while they play. Again, SSSD plow past all of that like a tiger destroys a snowman who hides a sirloin in his bum.

Seems like this would be a commonplace balance to strike, but it isn’t. It takes a real artist to take this approach and SSSD are the deal.

Super talented and quite pleasant lads. I can’t wait to see where SSSD leads them.